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Picture Courtesy of The Hardcore Cafe

This page is for ECW fans who wish to trade/purchase ECW video tapes. READ THE RULES and my Want list before emailing me. Heres a partial list of my ECW tapes(if its not listed ask!) Also, if you want me to put together a compilation of a wrestler(s) matches, I can make a tape of every match that the wreslter appeared in on ECW TV or the commercial videos. Since most are 6-7 hours I would expect a little more in return and, since they will take up to 3 weeks to make, I must ask that you send in advance for compilations.:

11/7/97 Fan Cam- HH
6/21/96 Fan Cam - HH
As Good as It gets - VG/EX
Barbed Wire, Hoodies and Chokeslams - G
Barely Legal - TV
Best of ECW 1997 Vol. 1- G
Best Of New Jack Vol 1(RFVideo) G/EX (varies)
Beulah: Daydreaming (no audio)
Big Apple Blizzard Bash- VG Big Ass Extreme Bash - VG
Blue Collar Bedlam HH
Born to be Wired - EX
Buffalo Invasion- VG
Crossing the Line Again- G
Cyberslam 98 - VG
ECW TV March 96-current
ECW Wildest Brawls Vol 1(homemade comp email for match listings) G/EX (varies)
ECW Wildest Brawls Vol 2 (homemade comp email for match listings) G/EX (varies)
Extreme Beach Party 97 HH
Extreme Lottery 96- HH
Extreme Warfare Vol. 1 - OR
Extreme Warfare Vol. 2 - G
Fright Fight 97 - HH
Gangstas Paradise - VG/G
Gangstas Paradise 99 HH
Guilty As Charged- TV
Hardcore Heaven 94 - OR
Hardcore Heaven 95 - OR
Hardcore Heaven 96- VG Hardcore Heaven 97 - TV
Heat Wave 94 - OR
Heat Wave 95 - OR
Heat Wave 96 - OR
Heat Wave 98 - TV
Holiday Hell 95 - VG/EX
Holiday Hell Tour 96- HH
Hostile City Showdown 94- VG
Hostile City Showdown 96- VG
House Party 96 - VG
House Party 98 - VG
It Aint Seinfeld - VG
Just Another Night in ECW- VG
King of the Mountain royal rumble 97 HH
Living Dangerously - TV2
Living Dangerously 99- TV
March Brawl 95- HH
Mass Transit Incident - HH (I finally got a G quality copy)
Matter of Respect 96- G
Matter of Respect 98
Mountain Top Madness- VG Natural Born Killaz - OR
New Jack shoot interview
November to Remember 96- VG
November to Remember 97 - TV
Novemer to Remember 95- VG
Roadside Mayhem HH
Sabu: Lord of Hardocre G/VG (varies)
Super Summer Sizzler 93- G Taz: Path of Rage- G
Terry Funks Wrestlefest - G (Sound muffled otherwise fine)
The Doctor is In - G
Wrestlepalooza 97- G
Wrestlepalooza 98 - TV
Heat Wave 99- TV
Hardcore Heaven 99- TV

Coming Soon
Masters of: Cyberslam 99, House Party 99, It Aint Seinfeld, Crossing the Line 99, Matter of Respect 99. Also a whole bunch of 1st gen copies of some stuff I have and don't have

Tape Quality:

P- Poor- A blank tape is better to watch than this
F- Fair- Major Color loss or tracking problem throughout for Collectors only
G- Good- very watchable, fair amount of color/sound loss
VG- Very Good- Great Quality, little to no color loss, 1 or 2 tracking problems or a 2nd or 3rd gen tape.
EX- Excellent- Looks like an original, usually a first gen tape
OR- Original- I have the master copy
TV- I taped it off TV
TV2- A copy of something taped off TV
HH- Hand Held - expect muffled audio and less quality video

To see tape Summaries go here - Summaries

For more details about these or other videos email me at

The Tape Ring
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